Tactics for when travel companies behave like unruly toddlers

Tactics for when travel companies behave like unruly toddlers
“No” is used almost reflexively, which is a little jarring for customers who still think of travel as being part of the hospitality business. No, you can't have a refund. No, we won't drop our claim. “No” doesn't have to be the final answer, but if it …
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Investment firm pumps £125m into Monarch travel business
The sale of travel business Monarch Group has been agreed it has been announced. The company will be sold to a London-based investment firm and will see the new owner pump in £125m to save the company and about 2,500 jobs with it. Greybull Capital …
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Denver Teens' Travel Stirs Terror Appeal Concerns

Denver Teens' Travel Stirs Terror Appeal Concerns
A Colorado school official said the Denver area girls — two sisters ages 17 and 15, and a 16-year-old friend — were victims of an online predator who encouraged them to travel overseas and eventually to Syria. Mia Bloom, a professor of security …
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Want to Travel the World in Retirement? Here's How
It's a daydream that's crossed just about everyone's mind at one point or another – quit work, sell the house, pack a suitcase and head out into a life of travel. But what if you turned that daydream into your retirement reality? What does it take to …
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Europe's 10 worst tourist traps

Europe's 10 worst tourist traps
I love Europe, but my responsibility as a travel writer is not to just rave about everything, but to also help overwhelmed travelers sort through the superlatives and smartly allocate their limited vacation time. So here — in no particular order …
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Travel Ban Over Ebola May Bring Other Troubles
The U.S. government has options for restricting travel from the West African nations suffering most from Ebola, but none would fully prevent the virus from entering the country and all would bring complications, health experts said. More U.S. citizens …
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I Accidentally Bought a Diaper Bag, and It's the Best Travel Bag Ever
I was on the hunt for a new travel tote — one for all the things you need easy access to in transit. Standing in Bloomingdale's, I picked up a black carryall. “Is that for you, or is it a gift?” the Bloomingdale's salesperson asked as I inspected it …
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'Fix My Commute' forum envisions new age of travel
On the blog and in my columns, we're usually dealing with the travel problems of today rather than the transportation system's potential. So many of you fellow sufferers may find it refreshing to take in the livestream of the event, which begins at 9 a …
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Ebola travel advisory sent to state's workers
Connecticut state employees are being asked to avoid travel to countries experiencing outbreaks of Ebola unless such travel is essential, according to an advisory sent Monday to state agencies. Workers were urged to avoid travel to Guinea, Liberia, and …
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How Ebola Is Affecting Travel
One month ago a Liberian man flew to Dallas while infected with Ebola. Now, there's more fear after a Dallas nurse testing positive for the virus flew on a Frontier aircraft. “All About Travel” Consultant Lorie Buus says more customers are asking …
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Effectiveness of Ebola travel ban questioned

Effectiveness of Ebola travel ban questioned
WASHINGTON (AP) — A ban on travel from West Africa might seem like a simple and smart response to the frightening Ebola outbreak there. It's become a central demand of Republicans on Capitol Hill and some Democrats, and is popular with the public.
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Win Winter Getaways at the YLW Annual Travel Event
If you're looking for a winter holiday getaway make sure to attend the popular Winter Travel Event held at the Kelowna International Airport (YLW) on October 25th from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. The annual event attracts Okanagan residents who want to learn …
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Ohio Gov. John Kasich calls for Ebola travel ban
AKRON, Ohio — Ohio Gov. John Kasich has joined the growing ranks of Republican lawmakers calling for a travel ban on African countries afflicted with Ebola as his state continues its own containment efforts. “The president has to very seriously …
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Senate candidate Michelle Nunn supports travel ban
On a Friday campaign stop in Macon, U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn, said she supports a travel ban due to Ebola. "So I think obviously the United States, and the rest of the world needs to do more. Better, faster. And I do support travel ban …
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Ebola Travel Crisis: How Does it Stack up to SARS and Swine Flu?

Ebola Travel Crisis: How Does it Stack up to SARS and Swine Flu?
In response to the outbreak, the CDC and the World Health Organization each issued their first-ever travel advisories — high-level alerts in which they advised against all but essential travel to the affected areas in Southeast Asia. WHO later …
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Lawmakers grill health officials over Ebola response, resistance to travel ban
Federal health officials faced the ire of congressional lawmakers at a tense hearing on Thursday over the spread of the Ebola virus in the United States, as Republicans sparred with the witnesses over why they are not seriously considering a travel ban …
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Local Congressmen Call For Travel Ban To, From Ebola-Affected African Countries

Local Congressmen Call For Travel Ban To, From Ebola-Affected African Countries
Kelly has joined other Members of Congress in urging a travel ban on Americans to Ebola-affected African countries, except those engaged in fighting the disease, and a restriction on visas to Africans wanting to enter the United States. “This disease …
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College Will Prioritize Safe Travel in Allocating Funds
The Office of Student Life will prioritize funding domestic student travel that it determines aligns with the “College's mission” when it allocates $ 50,000 in grants to traveling students and student groups this academic year, according to the grant …
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White House: Nope, an Ebola travel ban still isn't on the table; Update: CDC
Democrats in Congress are holding firm against a travel ban right now (apart from a noteworthy few who support it, like Alan Grayson and Kyrsten Sinema) but the politics of their position will only get more radioactive. Here's where things stand with …
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America's Snobbiest Cities (PHOTOS)
Snobbery may indeed be in the eye–or ear–of the beholder. In the America's Favorite Places survey, Travel + Leisure readers rated New Yorkers to be the snobbiest, with D.C. at No. 4 (perhaps they'd accuse Levius of harboring a hometown bias). It's …
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How to Survive Travel With Kids Or … How to Plan the Perfect Family Holiday
There is no great secret to how to travel with kids. It doesn't require any special skills nor do you always have to have a lot of money (although that helps of course). The best way to survive any sort of family vacation with kids is to plan it well …
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UO Travel Fair will offer tips to help travel go smoothly
The UO hosts conferences and guests from all over the world, and many faculty and staff are frequent flyers traveling near and far to conferences as well. To help all those trips go smoothly, the university will host the UO Travel Fair this week in the …
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Ebola scare causes temporary travel disruptions at LAX
But the passenger's eventual admission of travel to Africa caused unnecessary concern. "It has turned out that there had been some miscommunication. This person had been to the continent of Africa but not near West Africa. As a matter of a fact, it was …
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The Latest on Ebola and Travel
The international response to the West African Ebola outbreak has affected travel by air, rail and cruise ship. Here is a guide to what has changed. How are air travelers being screened in the United States? Enhanced screening measures are being rolled …
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